BOOHO High Quality Chairs

BOOHO is a leading manufacturer & exporter of chairs and components.
Various functions of mechanism (Back tilting, Sliding, Gliding & Synchronizing), height adjustable armrests, height adjustable backrests with high-quality sponge provide maximum comfort.

Minos series is effective function and polished design was produced to special factors that can maximize various colour and modern line.
calypso is executive class designed in luxirious office.Management seating with rolied pleased upholstory details.
The engonomic technique and sensitive design is concoured with best comfort when sitting.
MONAMI offers a unique back action that follows to user mention and enhance your office more refine.
In reponse to modern office reqiurement AURORA is desingned to offer slimand polishing back and seat.A choice of chairs offers the user opportunity to be comfartable.
Zeus provides adjustable and flexible ' active ' back support. It can be adjusted to provide a varied intensity for you.