About Us

Sitting and seating have been topics of great interest for centuries now. Many a books, journals, research and studies have focused on the simple aspect of ‘sitting’ and the complexity of ‘seating’; the comfort of ‘moving’ and the discomfort of ‘staying’ etc.

Good ergonomics foster work environments essay writing services 24/7 that are safe, facilitate effective performance and are easy to use.

Because the majority of office work is performed from a seated position, understanding and correctly applying the ergonomics of office seating is critical to delivering work environments that are safe and support performance.

Vishal Ergonomics Pvt. Ltd. is a venture promoted by two young technocrats Kishore & Murali from Hyderabad, in south-central India, with the sole mission of helping you to sit comfortably and perform effectively. Ever since its inception in 1998, Vishal Ergonomics have introduced office seating typemyessaysolutions that are not only comfortable but also economical.

We welcome you to our world of thoughtfully and scientifically designed ergonomic seating solutions, that have been tried and tested across the world.