Approximately 10.2% of our total body best body pillow for side sleepers weight is because of our arms, which can result in considerable exertion in the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, and neck. Static exertions (exertion maintained for extended durations in a fixed posture) dramatically increase the risk of muscle fatigue and are often considered the first threshold to injury. This fatigue is experienced as soreness or discomfort in their muscles.

Supporting arm weight reduces the stress on the spine. however, in order to work the arm rests must fit. To minimize the potential for contact stress, armrests should be used intermittently while working. It is also preferable that the armrests are adequately padded.

Armrests that do not adjust and produce contact stress in the vulnerable areas of the elbow and forearm can increase the risks of injuries to these areas. To meetresearch paper for me the size range of users, armrests need a considerable range of adjustability.

Armrest Height — Armrests are very effective at reducing the stress to muscles of the upper back, neck and shoulders

There is considerable variation in the resting seated elbowheight. The North American standards specify a minimum of approximately 4″ of vertical armrest adjustment. Front-to-Back Adjustability — To fit the variations in people size, task requirements, and desk layout, front-to-back armrest adjustability is essential. This can be accomplished through front-to-back movement or 360° rotation arm caps. Armrests that do not adjust often bump into the desk edge, resulting in greater reaches, and promote perching posture (sitting on the front edge of the seat pan). This is particularly common for individuals working in corner configurations.

Width and Pivot — To effectively accommodate the variation in the width of user size it is necessary to provide Armrest Height adjustment in armrest width and pivot. These adjustments ensure that individuals of wider girth can sit in the chair without clash from too narrow a setting, and allow smaller, narrow girth individuals to use the armrests. Adjustment in pivot can fine-tune the position for the task at hand. In some cases rotation of a full 360° is desirable, allowing the user to reposition the location of support provided.

Front-to-Back Width Pivot