Bosen Chair is a must for corporate and soho office spaces alike

Boasting modern design sophisticated styling and advanced ergonomic technology the Bosen Chair is a must for corporate and soho office spaces alike. The design takes into account individuality in body shapes and contours and scientific development combines modern intergration to deliver a highly durable, very comfortable ergonomic chair.
Ergonomics – The Bosen Chair continuously corrects and optimises seating posture. Lumber support adjustable in height and depth allows an individual adaption of the backrest to the body contour. The seat with its slight forward tilt ensures a turning of the pelvis, causing a raising of the thorax and lifting of the cervical spinal column. The open seat angle supports upright posture and helps to improve breathing and digestion.
The lifting and swivel function is height adjustable in accordance with the bending of the spine helping to reduce fatigue.
The backrest maintains the most scientifically correct position for the spinal column and helps alleviate the build up of pressure resulting from sitting for long periods of time. Features – Synchro Mechanism Incorporating Seat Slide – Adjustable Lumber Support – Multi Directional Adjustable Arms

Bosen 899
The stylish and modern design overflows with the vitality, character and self-consciousness which belongs to the metropolis, and integrates distinctive taste of world five continents. The integral shape pursues exquisiteness and perfection.
Bosen 807
When Completely new modern materials meet simple designs of past - modern aesthetics,the natural noble temprament make all those who love high-tech materials bodu changing to it..
Bosen Scope
The chair with a brain conscience the scope chair was was developed to meet the needs of local customers.The scope chair is avilable around the world but it is perfectely at home,at your desk wherever you are.